Nutalusa cajun band

Nutalusa is an accordion and fiddle fueled music dance music band based in Washington, DC. Members hail from the greater Washington DC area. We play a variety of instruments, including Cajun, triple row and piano accordions, fiddle, acoustic and electric guitar, drums, electric bass, harmonica, ukulele, triangle, and rubboard (frottoir). Our main influences are from the Louisiana countryside music scene but draw from other intoxicating and soul-capturing music. You'll hear Cajun, Zydeco, New Orleans, Swamp Pop as well as many songs you would recognize, but coming from instruments and vocals inspired by the wild Louisiana countryside.

The band's name is "loose nut" spelled French Louisiana like (backwards), yeah ya right.

Steve Remington - Accordion, Vocals

Steve has not been able to stop dancing since first seeing the Jungle Book movie as a kid. Upon hearing Cajun music in 1992, he was instantly hooked by its happy, throbbing beats and down home feel. Having played lots of music when he was younger, he eventually succumbed to the pull of the accordion and has been playing Louisiana inspired music ever since. He started performing with the Wild Anacostia's in 2012, a DC based New Orleans Jazz / Louisiana style band. In 2015 he started Nutalusa to further explore the wonders of Louisiana rural dance music and perfect singing about chickens.

Chris Conroy Smith - Guitar, Vocals

Chris grew up in the Philadelphia area, enjoying and dancing to Motown, Funk and Philly soul, like Archie Bell and the Drells and the Delfonics. While living overseas for many years she got into the classic tragedy songs of Nepal, the Reggae of Jamaica and the Malouf of Tunisia with its fiddle, oud and percussion. Upon hearing her first Zydeco music in 2004, she became hooked on this bluesy, syncopated sound and danced to it whenever she could. Teaching herself guitar during college she started joining Cajun jams and she says "finally managed to side-wind her way into this band. What a great group of people to be playing with."

William May - Fiddle, Rubboard, Ukulele, Vocals

Will has worked on the Cajun fiddle since 2000, inspired by great Louisiana fiddlers like Dewey Balfa, Mitch Reed, and Courtney Granger whom he feels he was lucky enough to meet. He enjoys learning the compressed french lyrics of Cajun songs and trying to capture the exotic rhythms of Zydeco on the fiddle, but the nutty songs are his favorite to let loose on.



For bookings or info, contact Steve.